Sunday, 15 February 2009

Nostalgic moment: Love a bit of Bovril

Feeling nostalgic (and cold!) I bought a pot of Bovril this week. In the past I'd have it on buttery toast but for the first time I made it into the hot drink it's known for... and it's delicious!

Cheap, quick, warming, low fat... bring on the Bovril!

Here are some facts from the website:

Bovril drink was invented in 1886 by Scotsman John Lawson Johnston and was originally formulated to feed Napoleon’s troops on the Russian front. By 1888 over 3000 bars and public houses were serving Bovril in Britain and ‘beef tea’ became a popular drink amongst football fans during the early 20th century. By 1994 enough Bovril ‘beef tea’ was being sold to make over 90million mugs. To this day, Bovril drink remains popular with the family, with over 3million jars being sold – or 900 tons of the beef tea per year!

And the name... Bovril comes from an unusual word Johnston found in a book. 'Vril' was 'an electric fluid' and he combined it with the first two letters of the Latin word for beef 'Bos'.

Juliet D-H

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