Sunday, 14 September 2008

Out on your Rhea

Mum's gone slightly mad and got herself 5 young Rheas - South American birds, a bit like an ostrich, that apparently love our dry(!) East Anglian climate. They grow to over 5 feet tall and will reputedly fend off the foxes, which have eaten 5 guinea fowl and Othello, the Black Orpington cockerel, in the last 3 weeks. Rheas like to eat young nettles and thistles so we're also hoping that next year we won't have so much strimming and scything to do!

The very friendly Rhea in the photo above has been called Chris (geddit???) but we need some help naming the other four - any suggestions?

The white Rhea is the biggest and the fierce protector of the group:

The other three are all a bit timid so they haven't shown us their individual personalities yet:

Find out more about Rheas on wikipedia by clicking here.

Juliet D-H

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