Wednesday, 26 August 2009


We've won our first award!

This weekend we went to the Sausage and Beer Festival at Jimmy's Farm & won the UK PRODUCER OF THE YEAR for our sausages!!

Now, we only make one kind of sausage, so didn't expect to win against the many other UK producers with their many kinds of sausages. But we nailed it!

These were our esteemed judges:

Jamie Willows - Head Butcher at Jimmy’s Farm

Tony Hadley - of Spandau Ballet fame & subsequently of Red Rat Craft real ale brewery.

Thane Prince - chef & food writer, set up Aldeburgh Cookery School

Stephen Plume - The Sausage King and sausage fan & blogger at

Jimmy's Farm had a great turnout, with plenty going on. We'll get some pics up soon once we stop celebrating!


Dan said...

Congratulations! Really well done. Great to see an Essex producer doing so well. Looks like I may have to order some sausages then.

monkeymagic said...

we too spent saturday at jimmys farm, what a fab day it was, well done on your award,definately well deserved. we had the pleasure in sampling your delicious sausages, most having seconds! they are seriously tastey (bloody nice) was the comment of the day from family & friends, our girls loved them (14mnths+ 4yr)as did we.we will certainly be purchasing very soon.
emma, gavin+ co.
burnerserve ltd.