Monday, 31 August 2009


What a fantastic weekend!

My sister has already said we are Jimmy's Farm UK Sausage Producer of 2009, beating off competition from around the country. It has definitely been a combination of our slow reared pigs and our butcher's quality sausage-making that has brought us to this point.

It was no plain sailing, with it being the first event we have ever cooked at there were but a few minor hiccups (not least learning how to work well under pressure with my wife, Annabel). Having arrived and met the extremely friendly staff at Jimmy's Farm we set up our stall and fired up the grill. Then boy-o-boy did I have my BBQ skills put to the test. I have never cooked so many sausages in a six hour period before, or so I thought on Saturday night. Saturday evening was spent cleaning, cooking yet more onions and what we thought would be preparing for Sunday but nothing could have got us ready for our award-winning rush!

They held the competition around lunch time which was slightly unfortunate as I was so flustered with cooking so many sausages I literally went up, shook everyones hand, accepted the cup and tottered off to man the grill, completely forgetting the Oscar style speech I had optimistically thought of doing if I won.

With the publicity from the event and having looked at our stall set up in relation to others, I definitely need to tap my sister for some better branding, so hopefully you will see a business card and website soon!

All in all except for being completely exhausted we had the best weekend in the time I have been working on the farm, and I hope it is the first of many awards and good weekends! We'd like to say a BIG thank you to Jimmy's Farm for all their support.

If there is anyone out there that wants to buy our sausages but would like to try them first I can suggest paying a visit to The Pheasant Pub in Gestingthorpe, Essex who have been championing our sausages from the beginning. They have a very relaxed atmosphere, friendly staff, good beer and great sausages on the menu - there are not many places better for a night out with friends.

With a big smile on my face,


Sausage King said...


You beat off some stiff competition!

Kind regards


Anonymous said...

Hi guys. Just wanted to drop you a line to say congratulations on winning the Jimmy's Farm award last weekend. I took my family to the festival and after paying to get in yours was the first sausage stall we came to. I tried a sample of your sausages as i did on all the stalls and yours were by far the best, so good that i bought 3 packets to take home!! (dont tell Jimmy but they were far better than his!) I just wish i had bought more!.. Hope to see your sausages around Ipswich soon as they are fab. And hope you get your web site up and running soon so i can visit


DefinitiveCaribbean said...

Hey Dougie and the gang...great to see you blogging, had no idea - great way to keep up to date with things...

I really like your layout so far and how you are championing other people as well as yourselves! Keep it up!

I have a list of directories and things to submit your blog to which will help with traffic levels and exposure so will get that to you pronto!

Much love!