Tuesday, 13 January 2009

return from st ives

So 2009 has arrived and what a cold welcome it gave us. As my darling sister has explained I took the liberty of spending the New Year in St Ives with its lovely micro-climate and lack of reception. I was unaware of the sheer madness the freeze was bringing. It was only as i was driving back and there were signs on the M4 warning of ice I realised how this year was going to start for me.

Even after specially laying new
pipes at the end of last year I arrived home to find all of the taps and hoses frozen, leaving me with the unenviable task of bucketing water by tractor to the cows - a job that takes me two and a half hours. Oh what a wonderful waste of time!!

I have also been cutting down wood for the burners in our very cold house and before my wife reads this and says its my own fault for not putting the heating on it unfortunately the heat seems to escape the house quicker than you can heat it.

So there you are my rant for the beginning of the year and don't I feel better for it although it has not warmed me up!

James D-H

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